Dat jij een liefhebber bent van mooie dingen en een verfijnde smaak hebt dat mag wel duidelijk zijn, anders zit je hier niet.
Elke week geven wij drie pakketjes weg vol met FHM goodies. Denk aan koptelefoons, scheerproducten, toffe sneakers, drank voor fijnproevers en zelfs een smartphone! Wat je precies krijgt is geheim maar elk pakket heeft een gemiddelde waarde van €250 EUR. Dus haal die innerlijke keyboard-cowboy in je naar boven en klik vlugger op je muis dan Jerry en #GaVoorGoud ?


Boks ouwe! Lekker gecheft! Bij deze maak jij kans op één van de vele exclusieve FHM500 pakketten. Wij nemen elke week contact op met de drie gelukkige weekwinnaars. Wij geven dus in totaal 12 VIP pakketten weg! Lekker meedoen dus.

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Kleur haar: Bruin
Claim to fame: Presentatrice, columniste en glamourjournaliste.
Source: Instagram
This one-piece sneaker is one hot must-have 🔥 Already loved the look of the #h32sneaker (smooth, seamless, made out of a single piece of leather) but subjected it to some rigorous testing (➡️ swipe for actual footage) before declaring it THE sneaker of the summer! @h32_sneakers @parry_the_sales_preacher #melikshoes
Babezilla X Sheeeit, a year ago today 🔥🔥🔥 #luchalibre
Virgo confession: not leaving for Asia for another week, but already packing! 🙈 Another confession: I am bringing 5 bikinis and 4 bathingsuits... All by #marliesdekkers of course 👑
Today’s look: black with a touch of roarrrrrr 🐾 #femmeluxe #luxegal
Being totally extra on my balcony after a productive morning (finished a big translation and kicked some serious ass in boxing class). Next on the agenda: destroying my sister and her kids in an epic water fight. Happy Saturday! Hope you’re having a blast 🌞🌞🌞 #luxegal #femmeluxe
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Blue hair, bright smile, visionary mind; trend forecaster and designer Antoinette van den Berg, aka ‘The Lady in Blu’, is both a fashion phenomenon and an absolute marvel to hang out with! Some things we bond over: our resolution to age naturally, our love of upcycling fashion and an undying fetish for bobby socks. Swipe to see the fabulous upcycled looks @theladyinblu created for our recent @marliesdekkersofficial show and while you’re at it, check @relove.fashion for some sexy, sustainable inspiration! 💙
The College Hotel Amsterdam
Showing off both my hard-earned bruises (karate, kickboxing, schlepping heavy shit up and down many many stairs) and my gorgeous new matching heels & clutch. For a second I wondered if my legs looked too gnarly to post, but then I figured: It’s all about owning it, innit? 🥊👠 #tomboyinheels #karatebruises #youshouldhaveseentheotherguy @empress_of_heels
Juulry Shop
HOT shopping tip! My friends Juul and Alain run the cutest little boutique in the heart of De Pijp, aka Amsterdam’s own Le Marais. Check @juulry_shop for adorable accessories like my 💖-earrings or this supercool neon Hokusai shopping bag (for even more shopping 😉). This is no ad, just a post from the heart 💕 #juulry #femmeluxe #luxegal
Amsterdam, Netherlands
A Sunday well spent... 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ #femmeluxe #luxegal
Thanks for making me a (big) momma, @justinpatewrapper ❤️ Fathers rule, and you in particular. Love you looooong time 🤘🏼🧔🏻🥩🍺🥇
Up with upcycling! Really digging @edenschwartz_jeans’ Upcycled Collection featuring brilliant pieces like these supercomfy, superflattering highwaisted flares. Note the ‘I’m with the band’ inserts at the bottom. Groovy, baby! 🤩👖✌🏼#edenschwartz #edenschwartzjeans #upcycledjeans #venus223 📸: @tiger__magic
Claim to fame: Presentatrice, columniste en glamourjournaliste.
Kleur ogen: Bruin
Kleur haar: Bruin

“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor. ”
– Betty Friedant